Fantasy Football

Sky Sports Fantasy Football Back and Better Than Ever in 2017-18

Sky Sports Fantasy Football is back for a whole new season and like the new season for the Fantasy Premier League game, this year’s edition of Sky’s fantasy sport will have new features.



Along with new features, this year’s Sky Sports Fantasy Football will offer a £100,000 prize pool for fantasy team managers. This year’s version of the game has several great ways to keep managers engaged throughout the season, and brings all of the great action that fantasy football followers have come to love.

What’s New?

This year Sky Sports has made a few changes to their much-loved fantasy football game including alterations to the points system to go along with a new transfer model that is claimed to be easier to use than the previous versions.

The points system modifications will see a change to penalties previously given out to goalkeepers and defenders. This season, managers will not be penalised for their players conceding a first goal, making it possible to hold on to points a little better. This year’s fantasy football has also been changed to reward players for their real-life play and to give them their deserved points based on performance.

Like the Premier League, Sky Sports Fantasy Football offers two transfer windows for managers to tweak their teams. Makers of the game claim the transfers will be easier to complete this season. There is also a change in the way managers schedule their captains, and it is possible to have a new captain set for each match.


Of course, fans of fantasy football can play for free, but Sky Sports also offers paid leagues that give serious fantasy managers the chance to win big.


According to Sky Sports, Harry Kane has been listed as the game’s most expensive player. He will cost managers £12.9 million to begin the season. Last season’s Fantasy Premier League points leader Alexis Sanchez will be the third most expensive player at £12.7m.