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Sergio Aguero Chelsea Transfer Approved by Pep Guardiola

In a shock move, it appears a Sergio Aguero Chelsea transfer has been approved by Manchester City manager Pep Guardiola. Spanish journalist Manu Sainz broke the news of the deal, but little else is known about Aguero’s possible move to Stamford Bridge.



The news on Chelsea needing a striker is not new after the club lost out on Romelu Lukaku to Manchester United. The club are still searching for someone who can take the place of Diego Costa, who is expected to leave this summer. Aguero’s name has come out of the blue this weekend, as most reports had linked Chelsea to Borussia Dortmund’s Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang and Real Madrid’s Alvaro Morata.

Aguero fell behind Brazilian striker Gabriel Jesus in the pecking order for a starting position last season following Jesus’ arrival. However, Aguero remains the club’s No. 1 striker. Even if the club agree to sell Aguero, they would still need someone to replace the Argentine in the starting XI or as Jesus’ backup.

While some have accepted the original report, which was posted on Twitter, as truth; the news of Aguero leaving the Etihad for Chelsea should be taken with a large grain of salt. It is difficult to believe that Manchester City would sell to a direct title rival, especially after Chelsea won the Premier League last term. Add in the fact that Manchester City do not have a suitable replacement, and it is hard to think that an Aguero Chelsea transfer is on the horizon.

Sergio Aguero 2016-17 key stats:

  • 20 Premier League goals in 31 matches
  • 3 assists in 31 Premier League matches
  • 1 key pass per Premier League match
  • 4.5 shots per Premier League match