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Tottenham Going Backwards in Premier League Transfer Window

Tottenham Hotspur have taken a step backwards in the Premier League transfer window, as the North London club are the only team not to make a signing this summer.



Tottenham have recently sold full-back Kyle Walker for a world-record £53 million, but with a limited amount of transfer activity, it is unknown who Spurs could splash that cash on as holes in the team appear.

In a recent Mirror article, former Liverpool player Robbie Fowler, expressed his opinion on Spurs’ summer and the team moving backwards.

Fowler wrote:

“I don’t know if the manager has ­decided he does not rate Walker, but it looks a bit like the defender has fallen out of favour – and that is ­probably the bottom line on why he has gone. I know there is an argument to be made that the money was too much to turn down, but this is the Premier League we are talking about. None of the top sides needs to cash in, and none of them needs to sell ­players to ­direct rivals. The fee is an interesting one.”

Fowler went on to write about Spurs questionable signings over the last few season.

“But they have actually made a couple of questionable signings in recent years. Moussa Sissoko was a rank bad buy, no question, but obviously that is with a hell of a lot of ­hindsight because he seemed to be the next superstar in the making. The Dutch lad Vincent Janssen hasn’t cut it either, and he does not look ­Tottenham class. I am not slagging him, just being realistic – he is not good enough to replace Harry Kane. Spurs got lucky last season because Kane only had one injury spell and they did not miss him too much. But if he gets a bad one or struggles, they will need better quality as back-up.”

Fowler hasn’t been the first person to criticise Tottenham’s Premier League transfer window. A number of fans and Spurs supporters in the media have become agitated due to the team’s lack of player signings. Despite having visible need in certain positions, Spurs still don’t look likely of signing a big name this market window.

With teams knowing Spurs have the £50m-plus from Walker’s sale to Manchester City, clubs could hold Spurs ransom in the transfer market.