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BEST Twitter posts from the Premier League weekend

Its been another jaw dropping weekend of Premier League action and, as usual, fans have taken to Twitter to comment on games, results and performances, in their own inimitable style. Here, we take a look at some of the best, and funniest, Tweets from the weekends action :

We start off with Liverpool’s hammering by Spurs, with fans relentless in their mockery of the Reds, just 24 hours after they were merciless in their taunting of Manchester United :

But, as said, this came only a day after Manchester United suffered the indignity of losing at newly promoted ‘giants’ Huddersfield Town….needless to say, social media had its say in the best/worst way possible :

Elsewhere, Toon fans were delighted with their late win over Crystal Palace, and they made no secret of it :

Isnt it great when people type how they talk……???!!!

Finally, Stoke City fans are baying for blood, with manager Mark Hughes firmly in their sights. They were scathing after seeing their team lose to Bournemouth on Saturday – the first comment a Stokie replying to Hughes’s comments that Bournemouth killed the game and looked to time waste where possible :

Well, as is always said, football fans pay their money and are entitled to voice their opinions….aren’t they?

Hope you enjoyed reading these football funnies from the weekend.