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English Premier League sees new average salary of £2.643m a year

The English Premier League has set a new high mark for average annual player salary. The league has become the first to offer an average yearly salary of £2,642,508.

ESPN reports the weekly average wage breaks down to £50,817-a-week. The Premier League’s weekly wage is £18,508 more than the second highest weekly average of £32,309, which is courtesy of La Liga.

Average salaries per week in top European leagues

  • La Liga £32,309

  • Serie A totalling £25,492

  • Bundesliga offering £24,142

  • Ligue 1 £18,162

According to ESPN, Manchester United and Manchester City have the highest average salaries of the Premier League’s teams. The clubs pay around £5.2m-a-week to its players.

While both clubs are high on the list of teams across Europe who pay large weekly wages, Spain’s Barcelona pay the highest average to its players per week. The amount is around £126,923 that Barcelona pay their players. This includes Lionel Messi’s new £500,000-a-week salary. 

Do the new weekly wage statistics show Premier League football stars are making more money than they should? Are many of the players worth the wages they command?