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Liverpool FC set to make major stadium redevelopment announcement can reveal a major piece of news soon to be coming out of Anfield. The item will be of huge interest to the army of Liverpool FC supporters around the world and football fans in general.

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Liverpool have plans to redevelop their famous stadium on Anfield Road, and sources say that the club will shortly be announcing their finalised designs. The redevelopment will result in an increased capacity to around 61,000. The club hopes the stadium will be finished by May 2021.

The expansion will be modelled to fit in aesthetically with the Main Stand which was finished in 2016.

Anfield currently has a capacity of just over 54,000. Once complete, this increase will mean that Liverpool’s home ground will only rank behind Old Trafford and Tottenham’s unfinished new stadium in terms of capacity. If Spurs 61,000-seat plus stadium is finished with its reported capacity.

In the summer of 2016, Liverpool completed the Main Stand. However, since its completion, the club have continued to redevelopment the stadium. Around Anfield fans can regularly see work being carried out to upgrade the ground. The Main Stand added over 8,000 new seats to Anfield. The entire project cost the football club around £114 million.

In a December article, This is Anfield reported that Liverpool were exploring options to expand the Anfield Road end of the ground. At the time, Liverpool CEO Peter Moore told Sky Sports about the club’s expansion plans.

“As you know we have a permit for the Anfield Road End for September 2019 to add maybe another 6,000 seats which will bring us up to 60,000 here,” Moore said.

“I also know from living here, for every Liverpool ticket there is 10 people who want to buy it.

“We totally get what we need to do. We’re going to do what we did with the Main Stand, which is look at what we need to do in a measured manner.

“We’ll look at what investment the ownership needs to put in.

“We’re a fan-first organisation, I can assure people we’re going to look at this on top of everything else we are doing.”

Liverpool FC will announce their finalised plans soon. The club will be able to accommodate many of the ticket requests Moore referenced back in December.