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Liverpool to test Intel FreeD Broadcast System

Liverpool Football Club have been selected to test the new Intel FreeD Broadcast System.


Liverpool’s upcoming home match with West Ham United on February 24th has been slated to be the first match to test Intel’s innovative FreeD Broadcast System. It has been widely used to show moments and highlight analysis across  sports in the United States. Thus far, Intel FreeD has been primarily used in the NFL and Major League Baseball.

Liverpool will be the first Premier League club to trial the software. Inter FreeD offers ultra high-quality 360 degree coverage that produces 3D graphics. Any moment of a sporting event can be captured and replayed at any angle with full zoom in and out coverage. In addition, there is no loss of image quality.

CLICK HERE for an example of this awesome technology that could revolutionise watching the Reds in action.

Liverpool will be making this feed available to host broadcasters going forward, according to sources.

Website SportTechie stated Intel’s FreeD Broadcast System helped power the “Super Bowl LII experience”. It is just a matter of time until the Premier League fully embraces the technology. During the American football extravaganza, Intel’s innovative system provided incredibly immersive replays that were described beforehand as follows: “Intel’s FreeD technology, which is being re-branded as True View, will use between 30 and 50 high-end 5K cameras to capture game action in a format that enables rendering of 3D replays. The platform was installed at U.S. Bank Stadium prior to this season.”

If Premier League teams are to follow Liverpool’s lead, it may be slow depending on how the high-end 5k cameras are installed.

As for Liverpool and the Premier League, the club’s decision to use the Intel FreeD system is quite a coup. According to sources, the club will officially announce the use of the broadcast system closer to their fixture with West Ham.