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Chelsea and Maurizio Sarri contract complicated, Antonio Conte could remain with club

Since the end of the 2017-18 Premier League season, Chelsea and Maurizio Sarri have been linked. Now with the new Premier League season less than a month away, Chelsea still haven’t released current manager Antonio Conte. Despite reports in the English media continually claiming Sarri will be introduced as Chelsea’s new coach, it doesn’t look likely of happening right now.

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What’s the problem with Chelsea and Maurizio Sarri?

According to Football.London, Chelsea are at an impasse with Sarri’s former club Napoli. Sarri left the Italian club at the end of last term. He still had two seasons left on his Napoli contract and club owner Aurelio De Laurentiis believes his side is due compensation for Sarri.

Napoli and their lawyers are seeking €8 million from Chelsea. In addition, De Laurentiis wants a contract stipulation stating Chelsea will not plunder any of Napoli’s players.

There is a lot happening between both Chelsea and Napoli to resolve the situation, according to Napoli lawyer Mattia Grassani. Chelsea are stepping up their pursuit of Sarri as the Premier League season kicks off on August 11, but it doesn’t mean he could end up in west London.

Could Conte stay at Chelsea?

Despite Grassani’s claims of movement being made, there is every chance Conte could remain Chelsea boss for the final year of his contract. Conte has refused to wave the £9 million salary he is owed. Chelsea would have to pay around £15m to release Conte and compensate Napoli for Sarri. The club would need to pay at least another £5m in salary for Sarri. Chelsea could pay a minimum of £20m to sack one coach and hire another.

Conte has been overseeing Chelea’s preseason training preparations. The club is set for a pre-season tour of Australia which will begin on July 23 in Perth.

The Italian’s time at Chelsea has been controversial since allowing striker Diego Costa to leave last summer. Adding Sarri may not be the quick fix Chelsea hope to make. Sarri has had several issues with other managers during his time in Italy.

Should Chelsea spend the money to sack Conte and hire Sarri?