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Manchester United news: Jose Mourinho unhappy with players and Red Devils’ poor player recruitment

The summer hasn’t gone well for Manchester United and manager Jose Mourinho. In the wake of Saturday’s preseason loss to Liverpool, Mourinho has heavily criticised his players and the club. Now, sources close to Mourinho are quoted in the Express with damning news for the manager.

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Mourinho unhappy with club’s summer

According to an unnamed source close to Mourinho, Manchester United are more interest in ‘finances than winning silverware’. The Express cited the club’s disinterest in spending on the scale of Manchester City or Liverpool as one reason it is more worried about keeping the books balanced and saving money.

“The truth is so easy – the owners don’t want to spend money. The profits are paying the banks,” the unnamed source told the Express.

While it does appear Manchester United’s owners are uninterested in spending this summer, the club did purchase Fred and Diogo Dalot already.

Since arriving at Manchester United in 2016, Mourinho has spent £392.55 million in the transfer market. With the amount of spending, it can be argued the club’s ownership wants to see the Mourinho work with the players he has already bought.

Mourinho unhappy with preseason tour

Following Manchester United’s 4-1 loss to Liverpool on Saturday, Mourinho stated he wouldn’t pay to see the club play this preseason. The results and the team’s performances have been poor. However, Manchester United are still missing Paul Pogba, David De Gea, Ashley Young, and Romelu Lukaku just to name four top players. The quartet is still on holiday following the World Cup. Mourinho had called for Young to end his holiday early to return to the team ahead of the season.

The manager is growing increasingly annoyed with a variety of elements and verbalising it in interviews. Much of Mourinho’s antics recall the end of his time at Real Madrid and Chelsea when he grew frustrated with the clubs.

Many supporters will question whether Mourinho should be expressing so much displeasure with the club. Although he is missing 10 first-team players currently, the manager must prepare the side he has to play and win matches.

Is Jose Mourinho losing the plot at Manchester United?