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Could Manchester United be sold to ‘mega-rich’ Saudi Arabian Crown Prince Mohammad bin Salman?

Manchester United owners Joel and Avram Glazer will meet with a Saudi Arabian businessman about selling the club, according to reports on Sunday. The Glazer family is ready to entertain offers for the Red Devils and could sell the club in a deal claimed to be worth around £4 billion.

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It is believed the Saudi Arabian billionaire is Crown Prince Mohammad bin Salman. The Saudi Arabian crown prince is worth an estimated £850bn. He is in the process of building three brand-new Saudi cities in the desert as he flexes his wealth.

It is already being speculated that Manchester United would spend heavily in the transfer market once a deal a takeover is completed.

Saudi Arabia’s royal family is currently in the midst of controversy following the death of journalist Jamal Khashoggi. However, a deal could still go through despite the current issues involving Salman. A takeover could be pushed through by Salman as a public relations move. It was believed Qatari Sports Investment purchased Neymar in 2017 as a PR stunt surrounding Qatar’s Diplomatic Crisis.

The Glazers have long been disliked by Manchester United supporters despite the club winning trophies under their regime. The Glazers have denied they are interested in selling the club. However, Manchester United’s share price has sky-rocketed in recent weeks.

The price should increase once more as word of a possible Middle East takeover hits Wall Street on Monday.

Manchester United are sponsored by Saudi Telecom, which could open the doors to a takeover. The Mirror claims there is already a rivalry between Salman and Manchester City owner Sheikh Mansour.

Although the Glazers have been criticised and disliked by fans, it will be interesting to see if supporters will disapprove of Salman with the current climate surrounding Khashoggi’s disappearance and murder. The journalist was allegedly killed by Saudi officials at the consulate in Istanbul.

Would Manchester United supporters accept Salman with open arms?