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Liverpool to unveil all-new fan experience courtesy of Intel True View

Liverpool will unveil an all-new fan experience this March courtesy of Intel True View. Along with Arsenal and Manchester City, Liverpool have partnered with Intel to give supporters an immersive experience like never before.

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According to Intel’s official newsroom, the Intel True View re-creates the action on the pitch and presents that from an ideal vantage point or player’s perspective, using Intel’s unmatched data-processing capability to deliver the experience to fans.

What can fans expect from Intel True View experience?

Fans will be able to enjoy match action from multiple angles. Whether it is from the view of a penalty taker such as Mohamed Salah to a dramatic save made by Alisson Becker, the Intel True View will put fans on the field and in the game.

The combination of sports and technology will deliver the following great features as per Intel’s website:

  • Multi-angle views of a play: Intel Sports’ industry-leading volumetric video process creates thrilling 360-degree replays and highlight reels from every conceivable angle, using 38 5K ultra-high-definition cameras.
  • Laser wall: A virtual plane giving viewers a clear picture as to where players are positioned on the pitch.
  • Be the player capabilities: Intel True View freezes a moment in the match to let fans see the pitch from the eyes of a player. This also enables presenters and pundits to share a new level of insight into the tactics and decisions made by players to provide an entirely new perspective to fans.

Liverpool managing director and chief commercial officer Billy Hogan expressed his delight with the partnership. He believes the immersive technology will be Liverpool’s supporters closer to the game than ever.

Supporters can view the official Liverpool Intel True View demo here.

With the increase in smart technology, Intel aims to bring football fans more into the game. In 2018, the investment in sports and technology reached $1 billion as companies continue to blend the two industries together.

Liverpool will debut the Intel True View technology on March 10th against Burnley at Anfield.