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Liverpool deny new partnership with Tron after company CEO announces deal

Liverpool Football Club have built a long list of corporate sponsors in recent seasons. Fenway Sports Group’s purchase of the club has brought a number of lucrative partnerships on board and many more are in the works. However, a partnership with blockchain and cryptocurrency organisation Tron is apparently not one of them.

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On Wednesday afternoon, Tron’s controversial CEO Justin Sun announced TRON had agreed on a partnership with Liverpool. A spokesperson at the club has refuted those claims according to Decryptmedia. In fact, the spokesperson had not even heard of a group by the name of Tron previously.

Tron’s shady video announcement can be found here. It appears to simply be a product of someone editing one of the organisation’s logos into an already existing Liverpool video.

Despite Liverpool’s front office denying the partnership between the two parties, it hasn’t stopped cryptocurrency news outlets from announcing the news. Nor has it stopped Sun from continuing to promote the deal.

What is Tron?

According to Tron, the organisation “is dedicated to building the infrastructure for a truly decentralized Internet”.

The group is involved with cryptocurrency and blockchain systems, but how they would translate to Liverpool or any other football club is uncertain.

While the announcement seemed vague and that of gorilla marketing in which a group links their names to a famous organisation, reports indicate Sun isn’t backing down from his claims of a partnership.

According to Cryptocurrency experts, Tron has embellished some of their information previously and this could be another in a line of false claims.

What is the partnership?

According to Kraken CEO Jesse Powell, the cryptocurrency organisation’s claims are a “scam” and marketing stunt to get its name out to the public.

It makes sense that a start-up company with highly criticised dealings would try to align itself with the Reds.

Liverpool are fighting for a Premier League title and Champions League trophy. Jurgen Klopp’s team will play Huddersfield on Friday night at Anfield before turning their attention toward Barcelona and the Champions League.