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Real Madrid Cristiano Ronaldo MLS Bound?

Real Madrid’s Cristiano Ronaldo has won nearly everything under the sun in the football world, but the Portuguese star is yet to win Major League Soccer’s top-prize. However, that could be a trophy he adds to his collection soon, if reports from America are to be believed.



One major America sports media outlet is reporting Ronaldo’s possible move to America, and the possibility of him signing with one of the two Los Angeles-based clubs.

Despite winning a second consecutive Champions League this past season, Ronaldo has been courted by one Chinese Super League club that is willing to pay him around €120 million a season. Ronaldo has also been linked to teams in Europe, including Paris Saint-Germain; although any move seems a bit ridiculous currently.

A move to America would allow Ronaldo to become the face of the league in the same way that David Beckham did from 2007 through 2013. It would also allow him to experience a culture in which football (soccer) isn’t the main sport and would give him a bit of anonymity in the United States and Canada. While the links to Ronaldo heading to America seem a bit premature, as he is still at the top of his game, the 32-year-old could move stateside one day.

Right now, it looks like any link is bit of a stretch with Ronaldo still in his prime.

Cristiano Ronaldo Key Stats 2017-18:

  • 25 goals in 29 La Liga matches
  • 6 assists in 29 La Liga matches
  • 1.1 key passes per match