Fantasy Football

Fantasy Premier League Allows Unlimited Transfers With Free Hit Feature

It is almost time for the new Fantasy Premier League season to kickoff, and the premier fantasy football game has already added several great new features for the 2017-18 season.



FPL recently announced the new draft feature which will enable unique teams with players featuring for just one fantasy manager. FPL hasn’t stopped their as it attempts to make the best fantasy soccer game available even better.

The new free hit concept will take the place of the previous all out attack feature that players could activate once a season. The previous feature was similar to the wildcard, triple captain and bench boost features managers could enable, and sat on the management screen in the same region.

Like the all out attack, the free hit can be used once during the season. The concept of the new feature will allow players unlimited transfers during one FPL gameweek. If a manger is unsatisfied with their squad, the free hit button allows for the entire team to be replaced.

The new squad created does not became a manager’s full-time squad once the device is activated. The entire 15-player roster of the previous gameweek will return for the following match. By using the free hit, managers can improve quickly when they have injured or suspended players; or if they need a sudden points boost to get them up the table. It truly offers a temporary solution to a problematic fantasy team.

The new concept will provide FPL managers with new ways to play their teams. It will also give them a chance to gain points when star players are rested. The fixture congestion of the Christmas period may be one of the best times to use the new device.

FPL is back soon, so don’t waste time on planning your new squad of players.