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F1 British Grand Prix 2017: Preview

The F1 British Grand Prix 2017 is just hours away, and the race will be one of the biggest events of the calendar despite the news of the grand prix triggering its contract break clause last week. The British Racing Drivers’ Club has estimated it could lose somewhere in the region of £5 million, but that shouldn’t keep a weekend crowd of more than 100,000-plus from being at Silverstone.



This year’s British Grand Prix is a must-win for Lewis Hamilton, who sits 20 points behind F1 leader Sebastian Vettle. Hamilton will start the British Grand Prix 2017 in pole position. Hamilton’s fast qualifying lap on Saturday gave him the pole at Silverstone for the fifth time in his career. Unfortunately for Hamilton, he will have Ferrari teammates Kimi Raikkonen and Vettel. Ferrari’s No. 1 and No. 2 will work together to keep Hamilton from getting the best of leader Vettel.

Hamilton won pole in a race he must do everything in his power to win. His qualifying performance also helps fans forget about his no-show at the London F1 event in midweek. Hamilton has won this race three years running, and his pole position for Sunday’s grand prix gives him a great chance of making it four in a row.

Hamilton’s rival and F1 leader, Vettel, is racing for the first time since his collision with the British driver in Austria. Since the two collided in the last race, Vettel has been under the scrutiny of F1 executives. Vettel has received a final warning on his “road rage”, which has caused two accidents in just seven months.

Silverstone, despite its current financial state, has always been considered by drivers as one of the circuit’s best races. The speeds that drivers get up to on the track are some of the fastest all season.

According to Bet365, Hamilton comes into the race the favourite based on his pole position and his history at Silverstone.

British Grand Prix 2017 – Betting top 5

  • Lewis Hamilton 4/9
  • Sebastian Vettel 4/1
  • Kimi Raikkonen 6/1
  • Valtteri Bottas 11/1
  • Max Verstappen 16/1

The British Grand Prix will be another barn-burner race for 2017. Regardless of the BRDC’s financial problems, F1 will have a banner day at Silverstone.