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Is Andrea Pirlo joining Antonio Conte’s Chelsea?

Andrea Pirlo announced his retirement over the weekend and it will take effect at the end of the current Major League Soccer season. The 38-year-old joined New York City FC in 2015 and has experienced nearly three up and down year’s with the American club.

Pirlo may be stepping away from playing, but the Italian could sign with Chelsea as a coach. Sky Sports is reporting Pirlo may work under former manager Antonio Conte at Stamford Bridge.

Andrea Pirlo: A teacher

The midfielder has had a poor season for New York City, featuring just 15 times. He has also come under a lot of criticism from fans, as the Italian has shown a disinterest in being on the pitch at times.

However, some of the club’s players have credited Pirlo in helping them become better players. His tactical knowledge has always been at a high level, and moving to Chelsea’s backroom staff could see the former Serie A winner begin his coaching career.

Andre Pirlo: On retiring

Pirlo’s retirement announcement came over the weekend as his New York City team prepare for the MLS Cup Playoffs. Speaking to Gazzetta dello Sport, Pirlo spoke about his decision to leave the game.

“You realise yourself that the time has come. Each day, you have physical problems and you can’t train as you would like to because there’s always some niggle. At my age, it’s fine to say enough is enough. You don’t have to carry on until you are 50. I’ll do something else.

“I don’t know what yet. I will return to Italy in December. Assistant of [Antonio] Conte? If that’s what people are saying. I have my ideas, but I will allow myself time to decide.

“Am I thinking of coaching? Just because you were a good player doesn’t automatically mean you can do it. You need to be willing to do it and prove yourself in the field. That spark within you needs to ignite, and it’s not ignited within me yet.

“There’s not one right and one wrong way. It depends on the opportunities you are given. If they call you immediately to [coach] a first team, it’s hard to refuse. Like I say, I don’t have that intention right now. After 25 years of football, I’m going to stay at home with my family. I’ll keep myself in form playing golf and tennis.”