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Would Manchester United fans choose Gareth Bale over Marcus Rashford? Have your say!!

Gareth Bale has been long linked with a move back to England, with Manchester United, it appears, being his choice of destination when he finally severs links with Real Madrid.

But rumours abound that Madrid are again open to the idea – as long as they get a player in return. However, it is not the usual suspect in David De Gea that seemingly Madrid want – it is United’s attacking sensation Marcus Rashford that Los Blancos want in exchange.

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Rashford has been a hit with both club and country since he broke through from the United academy back in 2015 and is now an integral part of the Manchester United first team, with his attacking prowess feared whether played through the middle or out on the wing. He has already notched 24 goals for United in just over 80 total appearances and has been about the only bright spark in the England national team in recent times.

But would United be prepared to let him go to Madrid in order to capture Gareth Bale – a player they have chased for some time now – and is thought would quickly establish himself as a United legend, with Old Trafford being the perfect setting for him to close out his career – despite still being (just) 28 years old.

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As exciting a prospect and talent as Rashford is, Bale is the finished product. He has played and excelled on arguably the worlds biggest domestic stage, won honours galore, and there is no doubt would set the Premier League alight – potentially tipping United over the edge as having the strongest attacking corps in the League and giving them that extra quality United may have to wait a few more seasons yet from Rashford – if indeed he can ever get to the level that Bale in undoubtedly at. Bale would still have several seasons at ‘full speed’ despite being the best part of a decade older than Rashford and, as Ryan Giggs and Paul Scholes proved, playing for United and still being of standard through early and mid 30’s is not impossible, given focus and dedication, which you feel Bale does and would have.


Why have a few years of Bale when you could have decades of Rashford? Its not like United are shocking in the absence of Bale – and if they are as future looking as they claim to be, why lose the hottest English prospect around when he is one of your own – and could be every inch the player that Bale is under the tutelage of one of the best man managers in the game? Let’s not forget the pounding United took when letting Paul Pogba go to Juventus in 2012 – only to sign him back for a club record £89 million just four years later….do they really want to chance that again with Rashford? Rashford is already proving himself at Premier League level….with time and experience, what a prospect he is. Surely letting him go, even for a player such as Bale, will only come back to haunt them in the long run?

It would be of huge interest to vox pop on who United fans would choose out of the two players….and it may well just be a case of it being heads or tails a United win….should these rumours come to pass.