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Jose Mourinho blasts Manchester United’s attitude after loss to Huddersfield

Jose Mourinho has blasted his Manchester United players following their loss to Huddersfield on Saturday. The manager was unhappy with the team’s attitude as the Red Devils lost 2-1 to the newly promoted Terriers.

Worse than a friendly

Mourinho’s team are now five points back of rivals Manchester City. The manager wasn’t happy with the team’s play nor the players’ attitudes during the match.

“When you lose a match because of attitude, that is really bad,” said Mourinho said.

“I don’t even remember a friendly match when our attitude was so poor.

“We could have a second goal and a draw, but it would have been undeserved.

” [If] I was a Manchester United supporter, I would be really disappointed, because you can accept losing because the opponent had more quality, but not because the opponent had more attitude.”

To criticise or not to criticise?

Following the match, Mourinho stated he wouldn’t publicly criticise his team despite Juan Mata and Victor Lindelof both making mistakes that led to goals.

“I will analyse the game and, if I need to, I will criticise them,” the manager stated.

“I heard Herrera in his flash interview saying the attitude and desire was poor.

“When a player says that and feels that, I think they should all go to the press conference and explain why. Of course, it concerns me.”

When asked about the team’s fatigue following a midweek Champions League match, Mourinho was dismissal of the idea his team would be tired.

“We are happy to be playing in the Champions League,” he said. “These players have played European football for many years. We know other teams might have a week to prepare for league games.

“It is part of the game and not an excuse I want to use now.”