“I am really please about everything, the start was serious, we knew how they can play if you let them,” Klopp told Sky Sports.

“We were disciplined, I like how we defended different situations, and our tactical discipline was good. You can’t score all the time, all the games are hard. It was a fantastic first goal, and the third was world class.

“We could have scored more, but we didn’t really give a lot away so it was well deserved and I enjoyed the performances.”

“It’s not hard, I am not here to celebrate my squad. I like them but against West Brom they didn’t hit the target. I don’t change my mind in three minutes, but we have to be consistently good because we are Liverpool.

“I am completely happy having these boys around, Adam Lallana came on and made a difference immediately, and Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain creates pressure. But still, can only line 11 up.”

Liverpool play Arsenal on Friday in a pre-Christmas match. The two sides will battle for fourth place in the Premier League, a spot currently occupied by Liverpool. The Gunners are one point behind the Reds. In August, Liverpool routed Arsenal, 4-0, in the Premier League