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Poll suggests nearly 50% of fans want Klopp out of Liverpool

Fresh off the back of successive losses to Swansea City in the Premier League and West Bromwich Albion in the FA Cup, a poll held on Twitter asking whether Klopp should now go from Liverpool, nearly half of  the 10,000 votes cast are for Klopp leaving Liverpool now.

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The poll, operated by TalkSport radio presenter Will Gavin, is still running and, at time of writing, the exact poll count stood at 10039 votes, with 56% voting for Klopp to be given more time, but 44% saying he should leave now.

The poll was created after one Liverpool fan ringing in to TalkSport and saying that he wanted to see Jurgen Klopp go and be replaced by Tony Pulis – something that left Gavin rather bemused and prompted him to gauge opinion via the social media outlet.

Comments made to the poll indicate that anyone who has voted for Klopp to leave Anfield aren’t true supporters and have little understanding of whats happening at Liverpool :

Despite the apparent support via this poll, there have been fans questioning Jurgen Klopp – being obviously disappointed and frustrated by recent results, with now only really the Champions League left to really go for, in what would be another trophy less campaign for the famous Merseyside club.

It is clear that this poll is being trolled by supporters of rival clubs, delighted to see the Reds in apparent turmoil – but there is also evidence of rising dissatisfaction amongst the Liverpool faithful, with all eyes now turning to Tuesday nights clash with Huddersfield Town – a game which now takes on significant importance and one that you feel Klopp cannot afford to lose – both in the race for a top four finish, but also to keep the Liverpool fan base’s support and confidence