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Liverpool FC news: Reds have earned £50m from Champions League already

In the latest Liverpool FC news, the club have announced a staggering windfall of cash thanks to their participation in this season’s Champions League.

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Liverpool have earned £50 million from their Champions League performance already this season. The number is staggering, but it could increase even more as the Reds have five matches between themselves and the final in Kiev.

Liverpool FC news: Reds have earned £50m from Champions League

The amount Liverpool have earned is already more than the fee paid for star forward Mohamed Salah last summer. Liverpool’s progression in the tournament, and the earnings received, could see the club splash money on new transfers in the upcoming offseason. Liverpool also have a significant amount of money leftover from the sale of Philippe Coutinho, which could be combined to bring in a clutch of new players.

According to the ECHO, Liverpool have made £20m through television revenue. Another £18.5m has been received as prize money.

Liverpool recently stated the club earned a profit of £39m for the year ending in May 2017.

This season is the first time in three years that Liverpool have played in the Champions League. The team’s exile from the competition caused them to miss out on millions of pounds. Theoretically, the team missed out on around £150m in Champions League earnings during the three years without featuring in the tournament. The windfall of money would have benefited the team in adding players during the transfer windows.

Liverpool last reached the Champions League Final in 2007. The Reds, managed by Rafa Benitez, were beaten by AC Milan, 2-1 in Rome.

The amount of money Liverpool have earned shows the importance of Champions League football. Arsenal will most likely miss out on the Champions League next term – unless they win the Europa League – thus hurting the club’s earnings. Chelsea could also miss out on the Champions League next term.

According to the ECHO, Liverpool’s income on matchdays at Anfield result in about £74m. Meanwhile, commercial revenue equates to £136m. The figures put Liverpool in third place when compared to the rest of the Premier League.