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Manchester City – Is our amazing prediction about to come true?

Several months ago, indeed after just nine games of the Premier League season, we felt sure that Manchester City would cruise to the Premier League title, having tipped them pre season to sweep all before them.

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However, when looking into our crystal ball back in those early days, we attempted to predict exactly when Manchester City would be able to hoist aloft the Premier League trophy – and we confidently predicted that they would do it in their home game against Manchester United – reaching the 86 point target we felt would likely be enough to confirm them as Champions.

This Saturday, the fixture arrives and, to our surprise (?), if Manchester City do beat Manchester United at the Etihad Stadium, they will indeed be confirmed as Champions, being on 87 points, with Manchester United then only able to get to a possible 86 points.

Now THAT is what predictions are all about!!!!!

Drilling down a little further, we cant say we have been bang on the money. We suggested that City would likely pick up three losses along the way – they have only lost the one. They do remain on pace to break the Premier League record points haul, currently held by Chelsea – but despite their Premier League dominance, they have been knocked out of the FA Cup by lowly Wigan Athletic and are in huge danger of being booted out of the Champions League, after their 3-0 smattering by, again, Liverpool.

They did lift the Carabao Cup, but they will want the glory of lifting the trophy against their city neighbours, who will look on with envy at again being in the shadow, this season, of the blue half of Manchester.

Of course, the prediction isn’t final yet. Manchester United will be fighting hard to prevent City from celebrating a league title by virtue of three points against them, and they will want more points on the board themselves to hold off the advances of Liverpool and Tottenham in the race for second place.

But it will be an amazing feat if City can clinch the title on Saturday with six games to spare….and as we ended our amazing prediction with all those months ago :

“Check back in April to be reminded where you heard it first” that will be!