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Liverpool news: Jurgen Klopp gives positive assessment of players following Reds’ thrashing West Ham

Jurgen Klopp has given a positive assessment of his players following the Reds’ thrashing of West Ham. Liverpool stormed to an impressive 4-0 win to open the Premier League season against the Hammers. The win put the Reds on top of the Premier League due to goal difference. Klopp is now preparing the Reds for an away trip to Crystal Palace next Monday night.

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Liverpool news: Jurgen Klopp gives a positive assessment of players following Reds’ thrashing of West Ham

Liverpool’s dominant performance against West Ham has been praised by Klopp. The Reds ran rampant against the Hammers, who had few answers for Klopp’s team. Mohamed Salah opened the scoring for Liverpool with a 19th-minute strike.

Sadio Mane added two on either side of halftime before Daniel Sturridge capped off the scoring with a goal in the 88th minute from a set piece.

Klopp has spoken highly of his midfield following the club’s win in a recent interview with

“Naby had six weeks’ pre-season with us. Together with Millie and Gini, they had all of the pre-season. That’s really good,” Klopp said.

“You saw that helped a lot and helped him; organisation always helps. And in the moments when he gets the ball, you can see he is quite a nice footballer.

“What Gini and Millie did was quite impressive, I have to say. That’s good, we need that.

“At the end, it looks like 4-0 is quite comfortable but I’m pretty sure that all three midfielders – or at least these two – had to run 13 kilometres or more. You have to work really hard, so a game can look like that.

“The good thing is all our midfielders – Hendo, Adam [Lallana] – all work. They accept the offensive line sometimes has not exactly the same desire to defend, so they close the gaps and help us with that. That makes their life a bit more uncomfortable, but helps us in other situations.”

In the same interview with the website, Klopp spoke about Alisson’s performance during the Reds’ thrashing of West Ham.

“Alisson played a fantastic game, being really concentrated. We all expect these boys to act like machines but they are not, they are human beings,” Klopp said.

“In the first game you could be nervous. Obviously both [Alisson and Keita] were not nervous, which is good. Especially in our possession, he was a very dominant figure.”

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