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Strategies to play daily fantasy sports

Whether you are playing DraftKings or FanDuel daily fantasy sports, you will have noticed the managers that win the most are the ones with some kind of strategy. Of course, everyone comes up with their own ways to play the game and what works for one Premier League Fantasy manager, may not work for another. However, there are some strategies that work more often than not.

Let us look at a few strategies that will help you win some serious cash at daily fantasy sports.

Player values

One of the most noticable things in daily fantasy sports are player prices. A player’s valuation can fluctuate considerably during the week. Fantasy Premier League managers that can pay attention to these changing markets, should have a better grasp on team selection each weekend.

It is always important to remember that there are plenty of solid players on the cheap that can earn you important points. Therefore, blowing your cash on a couple of big named players is foolish.

Experts always point to picking the in-form players as they are more likely to score you points than a misfiring big name. Also, defence and midfield have plenty of points winners available for cheap, allowing you to put much of your cash into the attack.


Experts say research is the biggest thing missing from a Fantasy Premier League manager’s game. Too often, a fantasy manager will put their money down, select their squad and then wonder why they have lost out on top-prize.

The answer is incredibly simple, they did not research the players needed to succeed in Fantasy Premier League. Scouring the internet looking at tips and suggestions is one thing, but looking at form tables, fixture lists and statistics are another. All are vital in a manager improving.

It will also take trial and error, but once you get your research method down, there should be nothing stopping you from winning at Fantasy Premier League.

Some websites say to trust your gut and ignore the previous week’s performances, but that cavalier attitude will get you nowhere. Know your players, resist your gut and make informed decisions.

Be data-driven

Everything that happens in the Premier League is viewed and reviewed by statisticians from Opta, Sky Sports or another major company. Data and statistics are driving football today. The great book Soccernomics, uncovered how data is being used and why, and many teams today are using data to put their teams together during transfer windows.

Sure, football is not reliant on statistics like the NFL, NBA or baseball is in America, but statistics tell us what we need to know in Fantasy Premier League. You should be building your team on statistics. For example, if Tottenham have the most clean sheets, get one of their defenders or goalkeeper in your side. If Diego Costa is leading the league in goals and playing against the Premier League’s worst defence next match, get him in your side. It is very simple.

Know the table

If you know the Premier League’s table by heart, you should be able to predict which teams will win each week. At least when the top teams play the bottom sides.

This is not always true, but in many cases it is. Being aware of what fixtures are coming up and league position will help you select the right players for your Fantasy Premier League team.

Once you get a hang of what works for you, Fantasy Premier League winning will be like second nature. However, getting these simple strategies down will improve your odds of scoring big each week until you master the game.

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