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My last blog deplored the Wrexham board to hire Dean Keates over other candidates that the bookies looked upon more favourably, and it is with absolute delight that I can write here and now, that my prediction came to pass. I amongst other Wrexham fans, are delighted with this appointment, for all the reasons I previously mentioned over the last few months of articles. We needed a former Red. We have a former Red. We needed a leader, we have a leader. We needed Dean Keates.

And the results speak for themselves. Since he took over from Mr. Mills, he has taken a losing squad and turned them before this weekend, into a drawing squad….and this weekend, against top of the table Forest Green, into a 3-1 winning squad.

October 25th – Wrexham 2 – 2 Barrow
October 29th – Gateshead 2 – 2 Wrexham
November 5th – North Ferriby 0 – 0 Wrexham
November 12th – Wrexham 0 – 1 Braintree
November 19th – Torquay 1 – 1 Wrexham
November 26th – Wrexham 3 – 1 Forest Green

Enough said. Welcome back Dean.

Last week I attended the Wrexham FC Q&A session at the Centenary Club and wanted to include a brief overview of what was said for those who could not make it.

First of all to the man himself. Winner of 6 promotions and a relegation, Dean has seen it all in his 22 years of football, and when approached for the interim position as Wrexham manager whilst still on his University course, he took less than a breath to say yes. Absolutely the response all Wrexham fans would hope for. No thinking. No weighing up. You get offered this chance, you take it. It is very simple. And the same applied when he got offered the position full time.

In response to several questions in the room, Dean went on to say that we can expect a loan signing within 7 to 10 days, a striker with speed is on the cards, and this has been backed up by the presence of Rekeil Pyke at the Racecourse for the Forest Green game today. Great news, but not so much for fans expecting a huge change on the pitch in regards to formation. Keates stated that his formation is picked right now by the players he has at his disposal, and that he is currently lacking width. He wants a signing with speed to stick with the style we have, but with more danger and end product. Roll on Monday and let’s hope this loan signing is the first of several. And you heard it here first, we can expect our big centre forward back from injury soon. Excited. In regards to our players out on loan, we will be getting several back and expect to see the likes of Jordan Davies gracing our pitch soon. He will not be available to play until January 7th, but will travel with the team and get accustomed to his surroundings until then.

And just in case there was any doubt that Keates would manage off the pitch as well as he led on it, he preaches solid work ethics: FOCUS, TEAMWORK, DESIRE. He had these words painted on the changing rooms walls, alongside the Wrexham badge.

It has been a long time coming, but I personally want to thank the Club for getting this decision very very right.

In other news, the board announced a murder mystery event due to take place on Saturday 17th of December. £30 admission. Please contact the club for further details.

Club membership is down to 3,100 from the usual 3,500. The club will be writing to members who’s membership has lapsed to offer new membership.

The club are now selling Christmas Raffle tickets. Members will receive tickets to sell in the post. But if anyone else would like to contribute, please call in to the club shop.

As always, the Centenary is available for hire for weddings and events, and any such events would help fund Wrexham FC. Always worth considering when making plans.

Lastly but not leastly, there are two major gigs coming up at the Racecourse. UB40 and Olly Murs. Whether to your tastes or not, they are sure to put on a good show. Something everyone needs to know. If you buy from ticketmaster or other online retailers, the club will not receive the full entry fee, some sites taking as much as 50%. So when you buy your tickets, please buy direct from the club. And ask your friends to do the same. This needs to be common knowledge or it could end up costing our club a lot of money. Wrexham FC will however get around 90% of food and drink sales so why not have a few for the Dragons.

Thanks for reading everyone.

If you have any views, comments or opinions you would like included in my next blog, please email me at

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