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Klopp roars sensational statement to Barcelona re: Coutinho

The ‘will he, wont he’ saga surrounding Phillipe Coutinho’s move to Barcelona has once again been placed firmly in the ‘no, it wont’ column by Liverpool boos Jurgen Klopp. quote Klopp as saying, in response to Pep Segura’s (Barcelona General Manager), post Super Cup comments who suggested the final deal was close, :

“I saw the game (Real-Barcelona) but I forgot to watch the interviews afterwards. Nothing to say from our side. I don’t know why other people are saying what they are saying; I don’t even know them – especially this guy, I’ve never even met him.”

Asked whether there had been any subsequent talks Klopp added: “I am not sure I have to answer this only because we have said what we have to say, or the club said what we have to say.

“No news from me because no-one told me anything different since we spoke last time about this.”

This seems to be re-enforced as a third Barcelona offer of €125 million has seemingly been rejected by Liverpool. The problem Barcelona have is that the Anfield club know they are cash rich from the sale of Neymar to PSG, despite Barcelona also chasing Borussia Dortmund player Ousmane Dembele.

Coutinho remains sidelined from current duty at Liverpool due to an ongoing back injury, so any suggestion that Coutinho is on strike at Anfield is not the case.

UK bookmakers remain confident that Coutinho will eventually join Barcelona – with odds generally around 1/2 that the Catalan club get their man, with it being nearly 2/1 that Coutinho will stay at Anfield.


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