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Jurgen Klopp admits he could leave Liverpool despite results

Jurgen Klopp has admitted he could leave Liverpool even if the Reds win the Premier League title under him. The German doesn’t want to overstay his time at Anfield. He recently stated he would leave the club rather than stay too long.

Speaking ahead of Liverpool’s Friday night match against Arsenal, the manager spoke candidly about the right time to leave Liverpool. The German said it would be regardless of the team’s results. Klopp famously left Borussia Dortmund just two seasons after playing in the Champions League Final.

“Even if you win something, which everyone here is desperately waiting for, it could be the moment I say ‘OK, but now we have to leave it’,” Klopp said about leaving Liverpool one day.

Klopp compared his style of staying with a club to Arsene Wenger, who has been with Arsenal for 20 years.

“Stay here 20 years? I don’t know. So far after seven years [at a club] I’ve felt maybe I should move on.

“I don’t feel I am close to that moment and everything is fine. But it would be quite difficult to become the record coach at Liverpool.

“If anyone thinks they can make a similar career like [Sir] Alex Ferguson or Arsene Wenger in clubs, I’m not sure it would be possible.” Wenger last won the Premier League title 13 years ago and since that title in 2003-04 Arsenal have only won the FA Cup on three occasions.”

When asked about Wenger, Klopp stated he doesn’t believe the criticism of the Arsenal manager by fans and the media is right.

“I think Arsene gets a lot of criticism. I’ve seen it since I’ve been in England and for sure, it’s not right,” Klopp explained.

“But he’s still there and he’s doing a brilliant job again. Top five, six, fighting for fourth and being involved in different cup competitions and things like that.

“He’s obviously still very ambitious and as long as you feel that, you can stay.

“If you are the only part who likes it, that’s wrong. It needs to be a perfect fit. We feel that here at Liverpool in this moment and I’m sure for the next few years, but you cannot force anything to happen. It needs to feel right for everybody.”


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