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Twitter reacts to Manchester City win over Newcastle

Manchester City defeated Newcastle on Wednesday night thanks to a first half goal from Raheem Sterling. It was the attacking player’s 13th goal of the season. The Manchester City win was the team’s 18th in a row.

Manchester City had little difficulty in gaining the win over Newcastle as the Magpies were out matched for the entire 90 minutes.

Newcastle manager Rafael Benitez set out his team very defensively and it was something continually criticised by Sky Sports’ pundit Gary Neville throughout the game. The defensive tactic and shape kept the side from being an attacking threat. Regularly the Magpies had 11 men behind the ball. However, it can be argued that the team would have been more open had Benitez set them out in a more attack-minded way.

Manchester City are now 15 points ahead of rivals Manchester United in the Premier League.

Here is how Twitter reacted to the Manchester City win over Newcastle.

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