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Phil Neville’s sexist Twitter posts angers former England international

Phil Neville has come under fire following the discovery of alleged sexiest tweets he posted in 2012. In one tweet, Neville wrote that women would be too “busy making breakfast/getting kids ready”. Another tweet insinuated Neville had just beaten up his wife. His position as new England women’s national team manager was called in question, however, the England FA have said he will not be punished.

Neville’s appointment enrage some football fans due to his lack of managerial experience and the dismissal of Mo Marley.

Meanwhile Kick It Out, a group that promotes equality in football, asked the FA if any disciplinary actions would be levelled at Neville. It appears there won’t be, and it has angered one former England international. The FA stated Neville’s comments didn’t meet the “standard” for a charge.

Carlton Cole is reportedly considering a lawsuit against the FA for double standards. In 2011, Cole was fined £20,000 for a comment he posted on Twitter.

“I’ve got nothing against Phil Neville but you can’t have one rule for one and another for everyone else,” Cole said. “You have to be consistent.

“Everyone is saying that what Phil Neville said was just a joke, but what about my joke? Players will find it hard to accept being charged for tweeting and I reckon they might even fight it. They would be justified.”

Cole’s 2011 joke insinuated the England friendly versus Ghana at Wembley was a mere ploy by the government to catch illegal immigrants.

In the wake of Neville’s comments and the FA’s decision not to punish him, football fans have taken to Twitter to express their views on the topic.

Get in on the discussion. Should Phil Neville be sacked as women’s national team coach?

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