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The impact of the super manager

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The English Premier League’s offseason saw the arrivals of two of the biggest names in football management – Pep Guardiola and Jose Mourinho. Already last season, another of the big names in football coaching arrived in the Premier League in the shape of Jurgen Klopp.

All three have distinct ways of playing football and all three have their beliefs in the way a team should be set up. Guardiola loves his possession based teams and his evolving tactics that catch other teams off guard. Mourinho will set his team out to play defensively and will do everything to get, at least, a point. Klopp on the other hand, loves to press teams, win the ball and attack.

So, how does the super manager affect Fantasy Premier League football? Let’s look at the three mentioned and see how they have affected their Premier League team’s in 2016-17. Their managerial tactics can be the difference between your fantasy team picking up points and coming away from the weekend empty handed.

Looking at Guardiola and the tactics he has employed, he has favoured pushing his full-backs narrow which has allowed players further forward to get the width when attacking.

Guardiola’s City have had quite a balanced attack this season, attacking 36% of the time down the right flank and 37% of the time on the left hand side. Top assist man Kevin De Bruyne (2) has started on the right of a midfield three in the Premier League this term. He should see more assists as the team favour right sided attacks.

However, with Sergio Aguero, Nolito and Raheem Sterling all being in excellent scoring form, it proves Guardiola’s balanced attack has been successful thus far. Expect more goals from all three as both wingers have been cutting in with the ball on their weaker foot. Meanwhile, De Bruyne should pile on the assists if he is feeding all three passes from a deeper position.

Compared to Manchester City, Mourinho’s Manchester United have favoured attacking down the left flank. Left winger Anthony Martial has two assists this term, tied for the team’s lead, which shows the team’s penchant for playing the ball down the left. Juan Mata, who has played down the right, tends to drift into more central positions. This has resulted in only 33% of attacks down the right and no assists, although the Spaniard has one goal to his name.

Klopp’s Liverpool are very much like Manchester United, preferring to attack down the left. However, Liverpool’s attacks have only produced one of their three assists from the left side.

Savvy Fantasy Premier League managers will do their homework and pick players that a manager’s tactics favour. They may not be the most fancied players, but if they fit into a system, they should gain you vital points in your push for Fantasy Premier League supremacy.

Tactics from the super managers directly affect your fantasy football team, so make sure you do your homework. Based on the information above, statistics tell us to select one of Manchester United or Liverpool’s left sided attackers. Meanwhile, a fantasy football manager is wise to select a player that plays on either flank for Manchester City.

Fantasy Premier League manager’s must be wary of the tactics managers use. It could cost you the Fantasy Premier League title.

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