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Thirty years…thirty long years

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Thirty years…thirty long years.

Then again, thirty years is a long time.  In that period of time I’ve lost my virginity at least twice, became a father at least twice, and closed two boozers.

In those thirty years Watford have been relegated three times from the top flight, lost twice at Wembley and were owned by a worse businessman than myself, in Lawerence Bassini.  A man with more name changes than the artist formerly known as Prince!  In that period of time our opposition won more league titles than we’ve had managers, and held more cups than Pamela Anderson’s lingerie drawer!

Now here we are against a club with the two most expensive teenagers ever signed and the World’s most expensive player, who are about to deliver a backlash from their last two results.  But this team of mercenaries have other ideas.

We’re beautiful – our yellow slices through red with ease…and then Iggy has the miss of the season.

Yep, we’re going to regret that (history will show we always do).  We’re not going to get another chance like that against such top class opposition.  How wrong I am and as Janmatt threads a lovely ball in for the totally unmarked Capoue…boom!  As half time approaches one wonders can we hold on?  Yes we can!

The second half begins with these overpaid, under-worked, mercenaries continuing where they left off and it is inevitable isn’t it, we could never hold on.  Now, Mourinho once described Mazzarri as a donkey, but this donkey’s substitutions bring success!  Zuniga’s second touch is fired beautifully past De Gea.  It’s a superb finish, no question about it, but what about the excellent pass from Pereyra?

If I was offered the draw at one all I would have snatched it immediately but as Isaac success beats his man – after being fouled in the box, and tees up Zuniga – who is fouled, we’re awarded a penalty!  I ain’t taking a draw now!  Troy holds the ball closer to his chest than the member of staff who famously held the keys of the safe from Bassini, not that long times have changed. If De Gea had a twin brother in goal, the two of them wouldn’t have saved Troy’s peno.  Old school, no two steps, stop, another step etc.  Meat and two veg kinda stuff, do we not love Troy???

Our opposition’s manager bemoaned their bad luck…ha ha…call a spade a spade.  You were out fought, out classed – oh and out thought.

Up next, Monday night football away to little old Burnley and their manager, good old Sean Dyche, another work horse – definitely no donkey!

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