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Crunch time for the dragons

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I wanted to write on Saturday after the Derby game with Chester. Just couldn’t put pen to paper. I wasn’t inspired, any more than Wrexham had been in their 0-0 draw.

I wanted to write on Tuesday after picking up 3 points away at Macclesfield, but instead we conceded 3 goals and scored none.

To say it is a difficult time on the pitch is an understatement. And off it things are looking no better, after one so-called fan took it upon himself to spit at and hurl abuse at our club’s volunteer director. Disgusting behaviour, an attack on someone who truly loves this club, perhaps even an attack on the club itself. Things on the pitch are far from pretty, but this sort of action is darn right ugly. I for one, am deeply concerned. Do we really want to drive off the life-blood of this club? Scare off the impassioned? Chase out the dedicated? That would not be smart.

Scouring the Wrexham AFC Fans Chat group on Facebook, there is much talk of our manager Gary Mills being gone by the morning. He has the odd stout defender, but generally, the vocal fans seem to think he has had enough time to prove himself and it is time to call it a day. He is a quality manager. In that I have no doubt. But I also know that he has not displayed that quality at this club.

I’ve been speaking on Facebook to several people who read my last blog, ‘where is the love?’, and they agree wholeheartedly that there really is something missing. We are no longer a family. It hurts to type that. I hope it hurts equally as much to read it. And there is no fault to attribute, or fingers to point for this. Just a random culmination of events that brought us to this point in time. But this is where the silver lining comes in. We can learn from this random culmination of events. We can prevent history from repeating itself by looking even further back in time to when we were a family. To when our managers inspired our players. And our players lit a fire in the fans. And the fans would go anywhere to support those players, and wore our shirts with pride wherever the road took us. There are many who still do.

Like I said before, we genuinely have some of the best fans in the world. Despite everything I have written here in this short blog, there will be Wrexham fans at the next away game and the game after that. They will support their club. They love their club. And the club needs to make the right decisions to reward their support. Things need to change. And they need to change right now. And if that happens, those fans will be joined by others, and we can yet win promotion, and once again play in the football league where we belong.

I hope the board of directors look far enough back, when next they decide what’s best going forward.

Choose a leader who will breath new life into this club.

Choose a former Dragon.

And you will be choosing to once again, make this club a family.

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