Which fantasy football stats websites to use

The increase in interest in fantasy sports over the last decade has led to the creation of an assortment of websites dedicated to helping fantasy football managers. Whether you are looking for in-depth analysis from Fantasy Premier League experts or need up-to-date statistics, there are some great websites to help you win at fantasy football.


WhoScored.com is one of the best websites for, well, just about everything football. The website has in-depth articles, news, up-to-the-minute scores from around the globe and vital stats for each player in the major football leagues. All of this means you can keep track of your Fantasy Premier League players’ stats come gameweek.

The website also rates players based on their performances for each match played. These ratings are then calculated over the season and compared against players. WhoScored.com is one of the premier football statistic websites, and offers visitors plenty of insight. Premier League managers can use the website’s statistics to make educated player picks and transfers.


FantasyFootballScout.co.uk is dedicated to providing readers with fantasy information. The site is full of opinion articles helping Fantasy Premier League managers make the best player decisions possible.

FantasyFootballScout.co.uk also gives up-to-date injury news to keep you from selecting players that are not fit or banned. The information provided by the website is second to none when it comes to player involvement.

One of the great webpages FantasyFootballScout.co.uk provides is one that lists all set piece takers from the Premier League teams. With an unrivalled amount of information, the website is perfect for novice or expert Fantasy Premier League managers.


If you are looking for a fantasy football website that is all about optimisation and algorithms, then look no further than FantasyFootballFix.com. The website is a brilliant source of information. One of their main tools is predictive statistics and the group is on the cutting-edge of fantasy sports today.

FantasyFootballFix.com has tools that can improve your chances of winning Fantasy Premier League games. With features that predict points, statistics and fantasy transfer prices, FootballFantasyFix.com is all about trying to give you a competitive advantage.


The FantasyFootballGeek.co.uk website is perfect for fantasy managers wanting more stats, in-depth analysis and tips on player selection each week. Their weekly tips are an excellent read and should help those daily fantasy sports players need fresh information on teams, players and coaches.

Compared to the other websites on this list, FantasyFootballGeek.co.uk doesn’t appear to be as statistics driven. However, once you uncover some of the website’s articles, you will find plenty of numbers are being crunched by the geeks.


FantasyFootballFirst.co.uk offers something the other websites on this list do not. That is a match difficulty chart, which should help Fantasy Premier League managers with their player selections.

The site also offers a player rotation checker which helps managers rotate players based on fixture difficulty. It is quite innovative and FantasyFootballFirst.co.uk has several great tools to help fantasy football experts dominate their leagues.

Add in the website’s injury news, who’s hot lists and more, and FantasyFootballFirst.co.uk is one of the hidden internet gems of the Fantasy Premier League world.

These five websites should help any fantasy football novice or aficionado win their weekly fixtures.  Have fun with the stats!

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