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The boo boys are back in town

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Yes the boo-boys are back in town, because unbelievably some football fans never fail to amaze me. I’m not usually one for blasting anyone.  And especially not Wales fans, but come on.  Booing at the end of the 1-1 draw with Georgia?  Are you frigging kidding me?  Sure expectations are through the roof after the Euros, but what on earth, do several hundred Welsh fans, think they are doing booing this sensational Wales team?  Do their former heroics mean that they are no longer entitled to an off day?  Do Georgia not deserve some credit and could they not go on to surprise a few other teams if they continue to play like this?  Were Wales really that bad?

Well, No, Yes, and No!

This takes fickle to a whole new level of absurd, and I am just stunned by it.  From arguably the best fans in the World, to be tarred with this boo-boy-bull is simply pathetic.  I believe most fans were as surprised as I was to hear such nonsense at the full time whistle.  I hope not to hear it again.

I would however like to point out that there is a time and a place for such noises, and that time is now, and that place is not Cardiff, but Wrexham.  After a glimmer of light when beating Boreham Wood on October 1st, a team who had only lost twice this season, Wrexham came back to earth with an ever more familiar crash, losing 2-1 at home to Lincoln, then 2-0 away to Tranmere.

Back to form.  Playing in a manner we are all too familiar with now.  Perhaps the boo-boys at Wrexham are right.  Perhaps they have been right for a long time.  Perhaps it’s time to listen.  But for now, Mills is still here, hanging around like that old jacket you have had in your cupboard for years, gathering dust, not in any way fitting, a few buttons short of a full set, out of fashion and never likely to become fashionable ever again.  You know you won’t wear it.  Nobody would buy it.  And the recycle clothes bin is just a few streets too far away.  You cannot bin it.  It cost money.  Quite a lot of money when it was new.

But guess what?  We have to get rid of it.  We have to have the courage to be left jacketless.  And we have to hope that behind that jacket is hanging another even better one.  Or maybe even pick one next time that will be a good fit, one that will actually suit us, will not wear out after a few short years, and one with a dragon emblazoned onto it.

I will say no more.

With any luck, we will be suited and booted before we know it.  And ready to set the record straight.

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