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Picture the scene, a light fog hovers above the water in the middle of the night, the noise is minimal, the wind whistles at irregular intervals and is accompanied by the light lapping of waves against the shoreline as a departing ship’s wake upsets ice cold waters. No one aboard the ship is speaking; the crew doesn’t want to talk to each other. The captain remains silent as he stares out into the abyss of the open ocean in front of him. A vast emptiness, darkness that stretches as far as the eye can’t see. The ship is of course is Peterborough United and the port it is leaving is the Checkadtrade trophy.

Yep, we’re out of that with a whimper and that’s the last I’ll say on the matter.

But did you see Sky Sports at the weekend? The early kick off on Saturday to be precise. Peterborough love the International breaks, Sky rock up and put the game on the tele. We had it with Swindon a few weeks back, we had it this week against Bury and we’ll have it again in November against Bolton.

Team news is usually announced at around 11am for noon kick offs and plenty of Posh fans will be forgiven if they thought they were still in bed dreaming when the line-up was published.

From out of nowhere Shaquile Coulthirst had earned a start! It was only a couple of weeks ago he looked destined for a loan move to Stevenage as he’d been frozen out and youth teamers were getting the go ahead before him. However, in a huge change of fortune he was employed tactically by GM to get in behind and stretch Bury and to his credit he did it to perfection.

The game as a whole was great to watch as a Posh fan, apart from the first five minutes of course. Hayden White capped off some awful Posh defending with an own goal in the very early stages. But if he hadn’t scored the prowling Bury striker behind him was sticking it in.

The injury to Tom Pope hurt Bury going forward. For the rest of the game they never really got going. Posh capitalised with a well worked goal from Chris Forester, a clever finish from Marcus Maddison and an own goal from Bury. It was pretty convincing and The Shakers were rightfully heading back to the north of Manchester with no points.

Fluidity, movement and passing was very impressive for Posh, the determination from the side to overcome six games without a win was really noticeable and hopefully it is a platform to build on as we look forward to another trip to the seaside. Bring on Fleetwood, shall we take the boat?

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