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Lowest of the lows at Wrexham

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20-02 on Tuesday night.  There is a reason I have waited until now to write.  I could have put pen to paper a week ago when Mills lost his job, just a few days after I wrote my last blog.  The one that clearly stated that Mills’ time has come.  And for once in my life, a football prediction of mine came to pass.  So, formerly the Dragon, I am now toying with the idea of adopting the pseudonym ‘oracle’, haha.  Well, maybe not unless my next two predictions come in, starting with a 2-1 Wrexham win against Stamford, who are three divisions below us, as we scrape through to the first round FA Cup away fixture against Hartlepool.  Oh Hartlepool.  I do remember getting absolutely drowned playing these guys, soaked to the skin, and singing and dancing in the downpour.  Memorable to say the least.  And we will meet them again, draw at their place and beat them in a tense replay at the Racecourse.  Or my names not the Oracle.

So, to the main reason I am writing this. Who in the world will be Wrexham’s next boss?  And to be honest, I have narrowed it down to three distinct possibilities.  Firstly Askey who is currently managing league rivals Macclesfield.  In my humble opinion, just another Wilkins and Mills. Wrong for the club. But showing up with an impressive CV.  The sort of person the board would love to have representing them.  An impressive option on paper, and perhaps even a scalp for the board considering how desperate they must be.  But wrong, wrong, wrong.

Second we have an option I would quite like.  It tickles the gambler in me.  The long shot.  Representing the horse at the back of the pack who from humble beginnings, through hard work and determination, comes good and beats those stuck up thoroughbreds with hidden depths that nobody quite saw coming.  Craig Harrison of The New Saints.  An impressive CV in terms of achievements, but at a considerably lower level.  He also comes across as a humble figure and despite what he can offer, I for one do not think the board would consider him seriously.  What if the horse at the back of the pack from humble beginnings doesn’t find those hidden qualities and take the races by storm?  How embarrassing that gamble would prove.

The pressure mounts.

And lastly and in the eyes of the board, most likely leastly, we have my personal favourite, former Red, Dean Keatsey.  A team Captain.  A fighter.  A warrior.  And a man who would feel privileged every day of his life to walk into work and know that he was THE MANAGER AT WREXHAM FC, and IT WAS THE BEST DAMN JOB IN THE WORLD!  The baby Dragon.  The one that requires nurturing, investment, patience, from the club and fans alike.  AND THIS IS THE BEST CHOICE!!!  Because we are going nowhere this season, and we have a poor team of players, who could be led to achieve more if they just learnt to punch above their weight.  And from there who knows, we can build on what we have, and next season develop a team that learns to gel over time and to fight for one another, and for the gaffer, who fights for them in return.  This is my choice.  This will not be the boards choice.  Or my names not the Oracle.

I would like to Welcome in advance, John Askey to the ‘destined to fail’ position of interim (2 year tops) Wrexham manager.  May you not tread in the footsteps of your predecessors and make excuses for your failures.  You now have an opportunity many would give their left arm for.  Earn it.  Live it.  Love it.  And you will have our support.

  1. Stamford have just taken the lead on the stroke of half time. No complaints. A penalty at the first look.  Wrexham will have to be an awful lot better in the second half.  There will be a PPS at the full time whistle to confirm I was right about the 2-1 score line.  Although in truth, I am in no way optimistic at this point.  Wrexham’s top goal scorer this season has 3 goals….just wanted to point that out to back up my concerns and lack of optimism. The team we are losing to now, are 3 divisions below us, and 19th in their division.  Of course they are sitting back and countering, but we are doing little to worry them.  I am still the same old me.  It will come good.  This will be a Wrexham win.  A quick goal, the crowd buzzes, the players lift, and the late winner comes.  Or my names not the Oracle.

PPS.  14 minutes remaining. Wrexham 0 – 2 Stamford.  The fans are going home.  Shocking.  And quite a blow for Keates’ chances of getting this job.  The boos are ringing out.  And who can blame them.  What the hell is going on?

PPPS. A few minutes to go.  Wrexham 1 – 2 Stamford.  And a minute later Wrexham force an incredible save from the Stamford keeper.  A glimmer of hope?  The board goes up.  4 minutes to go.  Let’s see if these guys have any of Keates’ fight in them.  YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!

Wrexham 2 – 2 Stamford.  Dean Keates is on the pitch!  I have goosebumps!!! This is football!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This is football under Dean Keates.  This is what family looks like.  Never give up.  Never say die.  THIS IS WREXHAM!!!!!!! Extra time to come.

PPPPS. Stamford 3 – 2 Wrexham.  Looking bad.  Not long to go.  Despite coming out well in overtime and forcing some good saves, we switched off for a moment, conceded a free kick, and they curled it in. A game for the neutrals perhaps.  Exciting.  A memory for sure.  But not the result we hoped for.  And with that thought the final whistle goes.  But does Keates’ chances of managing this team, go with it. I for one, hope not.  He is the right man for this job.  He is the only man for this job.

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