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Why Liverpool cannot win the Premier League this season

When Liverpool FC last were pronounced champions of English football, in the 1989/90 season, it would have been virtually impossible to believe they would not win another League title for 27 seasons….and, in our opinion, counting.

Here, we look at why we believe that Liverpool cannot with the Premier League title this season :



Liverpool seem to bounce between the sublime and the ridiculous with alarming regularity. Over the seasons, any hopes harboured of ending this staggering run of non title seasons have been shattered by countless results against teams that true Premier League champions should be beating – especially at home. The Premier League has a high calibre of team throughout the division – of this there is no doubt. But whilst league Champions drop the occasional loss or point to such teams, Liverpool drop far more than is to be expected of true title winning teams. Already this season, Liverpool have dropped four points to Watford and Burnley. Their emphatic trouncing of a poor Arsenal team (on the day) was nullified by getting a trouncing of their own at the hands of Manchester City next time out.

To be known as a team consistent by their inconsistency is not something associated with title winning teams. It needs addressing – as until it does, it will hamstring them time and time again.


After five games, Liverpool are already five points behind the two table topping teams. However, whilst in seasons past the early pacesetters have been teams off to a blistering start but will ultimately fall back to their rightful and true mid/low league table positions, we are now talking about Manchester City and Manchester United. Two teams looking exceptionally impressive and strong all over the pitch. The points tally is by no means insurmountable at this stage – but you already have to wonder if they can catch and surpass not just one of these teams – but them both. Notwithstanding that both teams have a 14 goal difference advantage over the Reds. City have already mullered Liverpool 5-0 and United face them at Anfield in three weeks time. You have to feel that a win in that game is already vital.


At times this season, Liverpool have played a brand of attacking football that has rivalled anything seen from City, United, Chelsea or Tottenham. They have a fluid, expressive midfield that both creates chances and scores goals from all over the place. But there is always the fear that should one or two of Salah, Coutinho, Can, Mane, Firminho go down for any length of time, what is there available to Klopp as backup and to keep the momentum going? This will also be sorely tested in the Champions League, where Liverpool’s rivals can almost field an alternative XI from their League starting line up that will see them through to the knockout stages with minimal fuss….Liverpool simply do not have this available to them. What is their priority? At some point, the true strength of squad will kick in, and this could well be where City, United and Chelsea all pull away from Liverpool.


Despite these 27 barren years where the League title is concerned, there is still a huge wave of optimism that washes down from the Kop and on to the pitch, where the die hard Liverpool fans still expect their beloved team to, finally, reclaim what they believe is rightfully theirs. But where does this false hope have any basis on which to stem from? Liverpool have consistently flattered to deceive – and the high standards and expectation of the Anfield faithful only serves to pile the pressure on players mostly unborn the last time Liverpool held aloft the English League trophy as Champions. Jurgen Klopp is an astute, charismatic manager – but he is manager of a Club that is now light years behind their main rivals in pretty much every aspect. That has to be taken into account and levels of expectation adjusted accordingly.

Liverpool FC remain one of the flag bearers of English football. But it is our opinion that whilst they will have their moments and be a team always towards the top of the Division, getting to the pinnacle again could be close to another 27 seasons away, rather than achieving it this season. Sorry Liverpool fans….but this year isn’t your year.




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