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What if Ole Gunnar Solskjaer doesn’t improve Manchester United?

Ole Gunnar Solskjaer was appointed Manchester United caretaker boss this week. The Norwegian Manchester United legend will now oversee the Red Devils while the club’s hierarchy looks for a permanent replacement. A number of names have been thrown around as permanent boss while many fans were left surprised by Solskjaer’s caretaker hiring. It was believed Michael Carrick would take charge instead. However, Manchester United have gone with a caretaker who does have experience managing in the Premier League with Cardiff. Yet, Red Devils supporters should be worried, because things could always get worse.

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What if Ole Gunnar Solskjaer doesn’t improve Manchester United?

Solskjaer has promised a clean slate to his players. Which is good, because former manager Jose Mourinho maligned so many of his stars and caused a number of them to regress as players. Solskjaer could get the squad loving their football once more. However, Solskjaer could also carry on Mourinho’s poor results.

The Norwegian’s only Premier League experience came as manager of Cardiff City. The Bluebirds were relegated during the 2013-14 season with Solskjaer overseeing the final five months of the season. Solskjaer started the next season with the Bluebirds but was dismissed after an awful start in the Championship.

Solskjaer collected a 30 percent win rate with Cardiff. He returned to Norwegian football club Molde after his Cardiff departure, where he once again found success. Yet, as Solskjaer discovered previously, Norway’s top-tier football league is far different than the Premier League.

Can Ole Gunnar Solskjaer find success at Old Trafford?

There is no doubt Solskjaer can find success as Manchester United manager. He has talented players, but Solskjaer does have his work cut out for him. The caretaker must bring back to life the Red Devils following their continued mental beat down from Mourinho.

If Solskjaer isn’t able to turn things around, what will the Red Devils do next? Mourinho’s sacking came at the right time. Solskjaer will face Cardiff and Huddersfield next. If he cannot win those games, however, Manchester United will look stupid for bringing him aboard.

There seems to already be a narrative being written in some circles of the press that the worst is over for Manchester United. The idea that things cannot get worse under Solskjaer is naive and Manchester United are not out of trouble yet. Until their players start performing to the level that is expected, things can be just as bland as before.

Manchester United could leave themselves in a sticky situation if Solskjaer succeeds. The team is looking for a new permanent boss, but Solskjaer could be replaced even if he turns things around. There are rumours he could be made permanent manager in the summer.

Can Ole Gunnar Solskjaer turn things around at Old Trafford?